Saturday, July 8, 2017

Change the Subject

“Can you imagine what Trump did at the G-20?”

“He did what . . .?”

“Oh, no, surely he did not do (say) that”

And then, Stephen Colbert, or Samantha Bee, or John Oliver, or Trevor Noah begin working with their writers to produce more script for the next show. 

He’s facing the wrong direction at the G-20 table.

Ivanka replaced him at the G-20 table . . . maybe she’s there to sell shoes to Angela?

He descended from Air Force One and then walked right past his official limo, until an aide kindly turned him around and redirected him back to his waiting car.

He was babbling again on Twitter at 3:30 this morning. Is there something wrong with him??

And on and on it goes. Then his latest press spokesperson defends him to the Press, asserting that we are always criticizing him, and he will strike back.

But, I keep thinking, how can one not criticize him, when he sounds like a complete moron every time he opens his mouth.  Can’t they just keep him inside the oval office and never allow normal humans anywhere near him?  I mean, Pence is a nasty piece of business, but at least he seems to communicate above the third grade level. People would disagree with Pence, perhaps every time he said anything, but they might not just laugh at him.  Same with Ryan, or Tillerson, or Mnuchin, or any of his “Basket of Deplorables” he calls his cabinet or close Congressional allies.

Maybe then, we could revert to The Obama, or The Clinton, or the Reagan, or the Shrub days, when the right wing or the left wing perhaps hated the Big Man in Charge, but they at least acknowledged he was the actual President.  Shrub might also have been dumb as a pet rock, but he was the President.  Now, we never quite know whether Ivanka, or Kushner, or Bannon are really the President today.

There are actual global and domestic issues floating around that need serious intellectual consideration. Our scientists need political folks to share their ideas, especially, but not exclusively, about subjects like global warming. Instead, they are forced to debate the dumbasses of the universe known as “Flat-Earthers”, or maybe Alex Jones’ latest theory that the Deep State is holding hostages on Mars, or, worse, Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest idiocy about the healing powers of her latest sales gimmick.  

And foreign policy experts should be debating the serious issues around the EU, immigration, Russian meddling in other national’s (not just us) affairs, or maybe even North Korea.  Instead, they are debating what it means that Ivanka occupied her father’s chair at the G-20 meeting.

And then we have the issue of ethics. A senior official in the government ethics office just resigned, presumably because he could no longer be associated with the obviously unethical behavior of the head of our government and his family.  But are we debating that issue? Well, instead, we are debating the meaning of body language while watching Vlad the Impaler meet with President Stupidhead.

So, we cannot escape this monster, no matter how many days he is in office.  We cannot/will not shift our attention to other subjects far worthier of our intellect.  So long as this dickhead is allowed out in public, we will never be able to engage in discussions of national, regional, or global significance.

I cannot even switch my crappy little blog to another subject, much as I might desire.  I begin to wonder what is happening in our colleges and universities.  Are there actual discussions occurring about calculus, or quantum physics, or about international history, or about the latest findings in cancer research?  Or have our professors and teachers also just given up and now devote each day’s lecture to that morning’s Twitterati rant?

The interesting things is that, when he was The Apprentice-Leader we gave him an occasional nod, or smile, but we largely ignored him. When his Trump University was revealed as a fraud, we nodded as it was definitely his operating approach.  But we never really paid him any attention, because he wasn’t worth more than a few seconds of our precious time—remember, our time on earth is limited. It seems pathetic to waste more than a second or two on The Donald, the con-man, the seducer of simple-minded women, the liar, the marriage-destroyer. He just isn’t worth it folks. He may eventually kill us all by starting World War IV (or X depending on how you count). But his partners-in-crime, the Republicans are not going away any time soon, and they are not going to hold him accountable, because they no longer have any moral principles at all.

Keep me in power.

That’s their only principle.

So, pay attention to your kids and grandkids folks. Try to smile more at them.  Take them out for an ice cream. Give them a hug and a kiss.  Switch subjects.  Pay attention to the humans in your lives. They matter.
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