Monday, September 1, 2008

First Storm Chasers

So, Big Mac and his First Barbie lost not a moment, zooming down to Mississippi to let his adoring fans know that he is up the job of First Storm-Chaser. The actual Prez and his snarling watch dog VP have cancelled their trip to the Twin Cities, and Big Mac is assuring everyone that things will be ok now that he and the Prez are on the job (think, “heckuva job Brownie”).
Leaves me wondering about where Big Mac will deliver his acceptance speech. I’m thinking a battleship anchored off the coast in the Gulf, with a big banner, saying something inspired like, oh I don’t know, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”. I mean, I can see it now. Those great big guns pointing skyward, protecting us all, a huge American flag flying, and Big Mac standing underneath the gun turrets accepting with humility his party’s nomination. “Take that Obama and your big stadium speech.”
Now, I don’t know what is more annoying, the sheer chutzpah of Big Mac uttering his somber assessment that, “it’s in God’s hands now”, or the yapping, slightly crazed press people, the media camp followers, who seem to be actively urging the candidates to go to New Orleans, as though they had something to do with rescuing or evacuating people. That’s the job of our idiot president guys. Remember him .. . the one who played while Katrina roared??
I think Obama got it right—“we will stay out of the way, so as not to interfere.”
I’m thinking too that this is a huge break for the Neo-Cons. Now, they can get on with their Big Mac parade and not have to pretend to be looking elsewhere when the White House idiots showed up. They must have been frantic about how best to hide during any speeches or even appearances by Bush and Cheney. Now they can relax and let their small-minded god punish New Orleans yet again. I’m thinking here, of course, about that malenfant Falwell who managed to create God in his own image, when he said that 9/11 and Katrina were God’s way of punishing homos and other (Liberal) evil-doers. . That’s the ultimate way for a little man to create a God who looks and acts like him. He’s saying, “see I’m a petty minded little creep, and my God would act just like me.” What a way to trivialize God.
Let the games begin, and bring on those storms.
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