Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the (sort of, well maybe) plumber

Ahh, the Republicans have come up with a new poster child. How do they manage this sort of thing? This time, their campaign uses Joe (six-pack??) the plumber. Except, he's not really a plumber. He's a sort of plumber's helper (I thought they were little plunger thingies that you used to clear your crapper). Turns out Joe has no license, doesn't belong to a trade union, and, oh by the way, owes back taxes--heaven forfend we should raise the man's taxes, assuming he ever actually got a license to practice his trade. he might not pay them anyway.
Now isn't he the perfect helpmate for a failing McCain campaign? First the dude selected as his running mate a woman who has a witch doctor as her minister, doesn't believe in evolution, or global warming, and has as her main mantra, "drill baby, drill. . . drill now, drill everywhere, just drill." She doesn't read, or know much about anything, but she is really, really ambitious. She advertises her campaign is the Palin-McCain campaign. Hey, John, doesn't that give you pause?
And, now, he wants us to believe that Joe six-pack, the pseudo-plumber is the guy to come in and rescue his campaign.
John, maybe you need to do the decent thing, and just retire to any of your seven houses. Any one will do. Just leave us alone, John.
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