Monday, October 6, 2008

Campaigns of Disbelief

It’s getting harder and harder to understand Republican campaign principles.
John McCain withdraws from—read cancels—his campaign in Michigan. He then follows up that pronouncement with a public decision to suspend discussions about the economy so he can focus on the real issue in this campaign—Barack Obama’s character. And he begins that character discussion (assassination?) with a Sarah Palin commentary accusing Obama of hanging around (“palling” was her made up word) with terrorists, that is, people who would attack the United States from within the country. Now Sarah isn’t big on facts--she doesn’t read, remember. And she continues, even in the face of having the real facts made public, to repeat the same falsehoods—lies—again and again. Apparently, neither Sarah nor the Old Guy cares much about Truth. The Straight Talk Express derailed about a year ago.
But what are we to make of this shift? First, this is one of those "be careful what you wish for" things. If the Old Guy has now opened Pandora’s Box, does he imagine that his role in The Keating Five Scandal will go unnoticed? Or that Sarah’s penchant of hiring into high office her old, completely unqualified high school chums will go unremarked? Or that The Old Guy’s reversal of self regarding the Agents of Intolerance, now his bosom buddies, will go unnoticed?
Or that Sarah’s claims about rejecting the Bridge to Nowhere was phony, and that she took the money and ran will not be discussed? It's also interesting that Sarah keeps questioning Obama's patriotism, while ignoring the fact that her husband belonged to an organization that espouses as its mission that Alaska should secede from the Union. Apparently Sarah and her mate don't much like this country, huh?
So, Sarah and Old Guy, your changes have been noticed. And those are changes we can take to the bank (assuming any still exist). That is, The Old Guy and his hot airhead chick will tell you anything so as to distract you from the reality that they are an empty set, and their party has run out of gas. They broke the family piggy bank, spent all the money on eye candy, and now they are sucking their thumbs, hoping that Mommy and Daddy (meaning you and me the tax-paying public) will rescue them.
So change on Old Guy. We know who you are.

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