Sunday, October 19, 2008

Republican Caricatures

Caricature: Noun -- exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics, especially through giving a serious or lofty subject a frivolous treatment.
Republicans have grown fond of and adept at creating caricatures, or even myths of characters that they then peddle via commercials and a corrupted and distorted press (aka Fox News) to the public as their latest "reality".
Joe the Plumber is their latest myth, but I wonder whether anyone asked Joe whether he wished for this particular version of 15-minutes of fame? What they do, often, is to create the caricature, sell it, then discard it. In Joe’s case, they took a guy who asked a legitimate question about taxation policy and then distorted it and then turned the guy into some huge image of yet another of their “Joe-Sixpack” creations—a made up guy to peddle their false line that Obama will raise everyone’s taxes and that they really care about the working class. Since the Republicans in general and McCain in particular, have no residual credibility on economic policies any longer, many of these caricatures fail to sell. They then discard the image and actual guy. I am thinking that Joe the pseudo-plumber might not have wanted the entire world to know that he is not a licensed plumber and hasn’t paid his taxes. Some things are better left unadvertised. Yet Palin and McCain, uncaring as they are, continue to press this guy’s fake story line, making him even more of a fool than he already is with each retelling. But it is important to stress—they don’t care what they do to real people, so long as they can sell their story line and it aids their campaign.
See, it’s all about them.
Palin has really done the same thing to her home town. Wasilla is now something of a national joke—or at least the butt of many national jokes. And she doesn’t care what she has done to this town of real people with real problems, so long as it furthers her career aspirations. Sarah is and always has been, all about Sarah.
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