Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Someone left an interesting comment on my last posting, as in "When did "liberal" become a nasty word? When I wasn't watching?"
The reason for that posting, contrasting my view of liberals and conservatives was written in part because I have grown really tired of having "republican-conservatives" fling the word "liberal" at people as though it is a dirty word. It has in fact been happening for quite a while now, although to be honest I'm not sure which "republican-conservative" was the first to heap excrement on the term . . . maybe Newt Gingrich? I don't know. I'm curious.
I only know that, while "republican-conservatives" have been busy over the past 20 years trashing real conservatism through their actions, they have been simultaneously creating this image of liberals as nasty persons, evil, wrong-doers, etc., etc. That was the intent of my posting. First, Liberals have true value in the Republic. We have values worth emulating.
Second, "republican-conservatives" have adopted as their chosen tactic, to accuse Liberals of whatever evil they themselves have been doing.
So, we need to listen to "republican-conservatives" (or more simply for this new breed, "republitives") carefully when they attempt to heap scorn on Liberals and, more generally, Democrats. They are giving us clues to their own actions.
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