Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Ugly Campaigh Just Got Uglier

When Muslim terrorists set off a bomb in a crowded marketplace, thereby killing scores of innocents, I wait and watch to see what Muslim clerics will say. Generally, they say nothing. Sometimes, they urge their faithful forward to do more killing, as when they issue their fatwahs. I am appalled.
When Catholic priests abuse and rape children in their charge and the Catholic Church hierarchy says little and does less, I am again appalled. Where I wonder are the true ethical leaders of these important religions? Hiding apparently is the answer. They know nothing.
Now, here in this great land, we are witnessing daily the ugliest political campaign the Nation has ever seen, and still, the leadership says and does nothing. At a Sarah Palin rally, people yell, “Kill him,” referring to Obama . . . and she says nothing. Or people jostle reporters trying to cover the rally and they single out a black journalist, telling him to “get away boy.” And nobody says or does anything.
In this morning’s Charlotte Observer, a reader writes in to say, about the McCain-Palin campaign, “Sarah Palin isn’t speaking to those she knows won’t be voting for her ticket. She’s exhorting the bare majority she hopes will come out on election day and put her side over the top. In such a crucial election, the ends justify the means. If this requires the use of code words and appeals to baser instincts, so be it. Go, baby, go.”
The ends justify the means.
The ends justify the means.
Fateful words.
That’s how we wound up blowing up churches, lynching Black people, shooting leaders like Martin Luther King, destroying villages in order to save them.
The man has outed his party. Win, baby. Win by any means. The end (power to republicans) justifies any means. We have begun to see a few conservative writers, like George Will actually decry the current McCain scorched-earth campaign tactics, But not many and not enough. I hear nothing from the current republican Leadership—nothing. They are hiding also.
I see this period as signaling the arrival of The Real John McCain. The Real McCain has finally showed up—the seething, vicious bully, and his pit-bull comrade-in-arms; the man who long ago left decency and honor behind him in his single-minded pursuit of power. That’s the real John McCain, the family screw-up who is always angry.
And apparently, it has always been the real Sarah Palin.
One final thought for the day.
Sarah Barracuda has been mouthing off about Obama hating America and palling around with terrorists. Yet Sarah is married to a man who belongs to an organization advocating that Alaska should secede from America. The last time we faced secessionist states, we engaged in a long and bloody war, started one might add, by the states trying to secede. Does that mean that Sarah advocates waging war on America? Is that the real meaning of her hate-filled campaign?
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