Monday, October 20, 2008

Voting Early

So, Carol and I stood outside the Concord, NC polling place for five hours today, handing out a voter guide for Democratically-leaning voters—taking care to remain outside the fifty foot, hassle-free zone. “Want a guide to Democratic candidates” I would ask. ‘Why yes, thanks,” they would respond, Or, “NO, I want nothing to do with a democrat list,” they would snarl. Mostly people are pretty nice. But I kept wondering why the aging republicans in particular, are so angry. Maybe, it’s because they’re old, and see their mythical world crumbling beneath them., and they can’t do anything about it. Or maybe it’s because they are part of the Grand Old Party that has caused the collapse of the greatest Empire on earth, caused the world at large to hate us, and have overseen the near bankruptcy of this once proud nation. I guess that might make you anxious.
Or maybe because, being in the South, they see this young, smart Black guy poised to take over the Presidency, and don’t that just beat all?
Standing on the line, handing out guides was generally a positive thing, making me feel a part of something important taking place in this once great nation. For a while I connected with two young Black men, both college-age kids poised to vote for the first time. These two young men were working for the Larry Kissel campaign. I thought two things. First, I’m an old white guy connecting on an intellectual level with two young Black kids from Charlotte. And isn’t that a nice thing?
Second, these two young Black men are working for a middle-aged White guy running for the US Congress from a district in central North Carolina. Now, ain’t that something?
All in all, I’d call this a good day.
And, although I wasn’t counting, my mind’s eye was telling me that this very heavy early voting turnout is running maybe 70-30 for the Dems.
I am encouraged that perhaps our long National nightmare flirtation with fascism may be closing out, and that a truly new day is dawning.
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