Friday, November 7, 2008

Turning the Page

Turning the Page
Yes, the election of 2008 is over and it’s time to get on with the business of Government again. But, before we leave, a few farewells are in order.
1. Miss Vanilla Wasilla, the Alaskan iceberg who personally sank the SS Maverick, an old rustbucket that deserved to sink anyway, gave us many moments of sheer joy (assuming you were a thinking moderate). Her “deer-in-the-headlights” look when asked by Katie Couric to recount which newspapers she read. Her assertion that Africa was a country, not a continent. Her ignorance of the countries involved in NAFTA; her inability to name the countries in North America. Her constant characterization of her supporters as the only “real Americans".
And then her shopping spree. Who will forget her shopping spree, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on her wardrobe and a few (thousands) of dollars for her precious first dude and her extensive family. All those and more, for which we thank Miss Wasilla. That the Republican Party is gearing up to nominate her in 2012 as their candidate, we can only say, Thank You.
2. Our own Robin Hayes, who believes and says that Liberals all hate America and those hard-working, God-fearing "real Americans". His farewell concession speech will long be remembered, when he said to Congressman-elect Kissell, “well you’ve been chasing this train for quite a while. I only hope you know how to drive it.” Now that ranks as perhaps one of the lowest in low-class concessions, making Hayes forever remembered as a mean-spirited little man, of no distinction, a man made rich through birth, who has never actually worked at anything. May he enjoy his retirement.
3. Also, kudos go out to Liddy Dole, who has now succeeded in trashing her husband’s good name on at least four separate occasions. Liddy has been given repeated opportunities to perform, thanks to Bob Dole. She was Secretary of Transportation, President of the American Red Cross, senator from North Carolina (talk about carpetbaggers) and head of the Senate GOP Committee on electing GOP senators, all of which she neglected. Apparently, nobody told her that these were actual jobs, where she was supposed to do actual work. And then her ad, accusing her opponent of being “Godless”, an atheist who doesn’t believe in God. (in North Carolina, that would be a mortal sin in Catholic terms) Turns out her opponent was a church elder who teaches Sunday School. Yes, we will long remember Liddy as one of the true village idiots of the Grand Old Party. We send her back to her home state of Washington, DC (oops, not yet a state, but still . . .)
So, yes, let’s get on with the business of governing. But first, will someone come in and sweep up all the broken china left behind by that Texas village idiot?
Yeah, thanks.
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