Friday, November 14, 2008

More Chutzpah

Ahhh, yet another example of Republitive chutzpah.
Now, we have President Stupidhead arguing to the G20 (when did it change from the G8—inflation at work?) that we need to preserve the "free market" system. So, what I’d like to know is, when did we ever actually have a "free market" system? Seems to me, if he really wants the free market to continue working its magic, he should be arguing for no public money ever being used by any government to rescue the greedy doofuses (economic criminals) who managed to wreck the world economic system through its systematic looting behavior. Why in a”free market” would any public money ever be required?
And why in a theoretically free market would any government subsidies ever be required? And, by the way, why should Alaskan natives (Governor Palin and her crowd) ever receive payments from big oil companies just for living in Alaska?
And why would we subsidize oil companies by building superhighways that support an automobile transportation approach, but refuse to build the equivalent rail infrastructure that might compete with the automobile?
That fact seems to be that President Stupidhead and his white collar criminal friends like to have their cake while they also consume it. When they screw up, they yell for government bailouts. When their approach is not yet in free fall, they want government out of their way.
They don’t want to pay any taxes, but want roads, schools, police forces, teachers, a strong military.
Chutzpah . . . the man fairly drips with chutzpah, every time he opens his mouth.
Is there still time to impeach and then jail him and his criminal co-conspirator VEEP?

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