Friday, November 19, 2010

Fox's Nazi-fixation

Roger Ailes, Rupert’s main henchman at The Faux News Network, is once again flinging the Nazi term at the “liberal” establishment—this time at NPR, one of the more moderate and unarguably middle of the political road organizations in the country. Now, it is well known that Rupert hates public broadcasting. He has been trying to trash it in Australia and in Britain for many years. Apparently, Rupert hates public broadcasting precisely for the reasons it is valued by so many millions around the globe—because it is objective, intelligent, and yes even interesting—kind of the opposite of the Faux News Network.
But it’s fascinating that he and his merry little band of thugs use the term Nazi so frequently. I have been wondering why. What drives them to toss this pernicious label at groups that are the exact opposite of what the term connotes? I’m now beginning to conclude that it is a distraction—an attempt to rid themselves of the label. That they are so close to the Nazi side of the political aisle makes them vulnerable to be so labeled. So, to deflect such charges, they fling the term at their opposition, hoping their audience won’t notice the “pot calling the kettle black” thing.
I keep thinking. Maybe their vicious shit is allowed here precisely because this Nation is open to all comers, including the crazy wing of the world. That Rupert, Roger & Co. would have been comfortable in 1933 Germany is scary, but defines the openness of our society. They clearly want censorship of opposing views, right out of that Nazi rascal Joseph’s playbook. They have even taken to calling, literally, for beheadings of prominent liberals. And nobody’s blown up their headquarters.
Is this a great country, or what?????
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