Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mitt the Dumbster

OK, now he has gone from being a buffoon in Britain, to a potentially dangerous idiot, every bit worthy of our past President Stupidhead.  Pronouncing to the world that we will support fully Israel, should Netanyahu decide to bomb, invade, or otherwise commit organized mayhem in/to Iran, seems both dangerous and terminally stupid.  Aren’t our leaders supposed to do things like consult with other national leaders, and even perhaps our allies before deciding to engage in war with someone with whom we are not already at war??? And committing us to support Netanyahu??? The world’s loosest loose cannon?  Wow, Mr. Romney, you give us new evidence that those who make their money in the loosey-goosey world of high finance are not the brightest lights on the planet . . . as though we needed more evidence.

So, if this trip is Mr. Romney’s big advance plan to convince the American voting public that he is better prepared for international diplomacy than our current Prez, guess what? You get a failing grade Mitt. You have placed yourself firmly within the group with whom you were running earlier—ya know, Crazy Michelle, and Sarah Bimbo.
Maybe had you ever actually worked for a living, instead of riding on the coattails of your rich daddy, you might have picked up some awareness of the world around you. And perhaps, had you ever engaged in manual labor for an hourly wage, you wouldn’t have turned out to be such a dickhead.
So, why don’t you go home to one of your seventeen houses, or houseboats and suck up a dozen vodka martini’s and get your ass off the world’s stage. Leave the business of international diplomacy to people who actually know whereof they speak.
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