Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bibi as Chicken Little

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Bibi as Chicken Little . . . Bibi as the boy who cried wolf . . . Bibi as the mad bomber. Well, at least he’s consistent. Bibi has been predicting the end of his world for 20+ years now, waiting, apparently, for us to bomb Iran for him.  When we don’t he whines a lot and then goes back to predicting the end of his world.
Note please that Bibi never offers any new, potentially productive ideas/strategies to advance the cause of a non-nuclear Iran and world peace. Bibi is not overly concerned with world peace, or any peace for that matter. He’s fine tossing his bombs at the Palestinians, knowing that his Arab neighbors are now incapable of destroying Israel.  So peace is not in his agenda. He’s so . . . republican that way.  That’s why they (his republican allies) love him so much. He’s like one of the head GOPers preaching to his choirboys.  I’ll bet Bibi gets on well with the Cocks of the world. And of course, his speech to the American Knesset (GOP-Congress) had nothing to do with his politics. Heaven Forfend! He is shocked, shocked that anyone would even think that.

So, now what’s next? Well, I guess Bibi goes back home and continues his campaigning to be the Supreme Commander of Israel, the GOPers go back to decrying our President, and Tony and the Supremes return to shredding what’s left of our democracy.

Happy Days are here again folks.
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