Monday, October 24, 2016

The Art of the Loser

Hillary keeps asserting that, while she prepares for every event, especially the “debates”, The Donald seems to come to these affairs entirely unprepared, aside from his stomach full of hateful vomit. I have come up with a new theory. Remember The Art of the Deal, that infamous book that was written for The Donald in his name, because his advanced ADHD prevents him from writing an actual book of any kind. Well, I think something else entirely is going on. I think The Donald is busily preparing his next venture, a new book he will call The Art of the Loser.

See, The Donald has really developed a true art and he perfects it more, polishes it really, each time he enters a new adventure.  Think of his experience.

1.       Three marriages, with multiple affairs on the side, implying at the least two failures;

2.       Five (Six???, Seven???) bankruptcies, implying companies he started and then either allowed or caused to fail. This is an amazing accomplishment, since most people can’t properly manage more than one or two bankruptcies;

3.       A full-on big-time Con game he called Trump University in which he allowed folks to enroll at substantial (multiple thousands) fees, gave them nothing of value in return, and then had the whole con game called to a halt by the legal system that finally caught up with him;

4.       A largely fake foundation that seems to donate relatively little of his money to actual charitable institutions, instead giving money back to Trump for renting MaraLago and other Trumpian enterprises for “services rendered”.  His “foundation” is no longer allowed to raise funds in New York due to his shady methods of accounting for and distributing funds.

5.       And then we have his run for the Presidency of the United States. It seemed to begin as a kind of sick joke on America by a Reality TV star, and then spun out of even his tiny hands.  That he is within 10 points of Hillary seems unimaginable, especially given his inept (loser?) performance. But he perhaps correctly assessed his support base when he acclaimed to his body faithful that he could take a gun, walk out onto Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and his poll numbers would go up.   His support base seems to be a scary lot, yelling “Lock her up”, or “kill her” at his rallies, and sucker punching opposition folks who showed at his rallies. Thoughts of 1930’s Germany come to mind.

6.     He even now seems to be projecting his loss (perfecting his Loser status?) by decrying that the game is rigged at every opportunity. Would anyone with even a thought of winning be employing such a sad tactic? No, he is simply adding to his experience base to perfect his game (The Art of the Loser)

So, my theory is that, with his now vast experience at losing, he is actually paving the way for a new best-seller called The Art of the Loser.  The book will doubtless be ghost-written, since someone with such a long history of advanced and untreated ADHD could not possibly write an actual book by himself.  Whether he returns to his favorite ghost-writer, Tony Schwartz, or calls into service a new ghostie remains to be seen. Tony had some snarky commentary on The Trump lately, so he might be a chancy candidate for Ghost-Writer for Losers. So, we will need to await his decision whether to write the book first, or start his next venture, The Trump Network, his next bankruptcy in waiting.  I know. Maybe The Donald could go into competition with the Koch Brothers on some new reality TV program, with the beginning episode, “Who’s the Most Hated Man in America??”

Wouldn’t you love to see that competition???

Ta. See you on November 9th, when America crashes into the Moon . . ., just before The Donald decides to establish a Trumpian Motel Six on the Moon. 
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